Annual gathering in a vineyard

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About a hundred members of the Wine Palace chain of shops and their distributor Alregi held their annual gathering at Celler La Vinyeta.

The Wine Palace group, with a total of 23 shops throughout Catalonia, is very much a leader in the world of wine. Sommeliers, managers and members of senior management enjoyed a visit to the vineyard, with a wine tasting included. The visit ended with a lunch in the wine cellar based on locally-sourced products and wines from La Vinyeta. The group evaluated the gathering as a rewarding experience.

Human Resources manager, Marina Pey, was full of praise for the organisation and food, as well as the fact that they had “felt at home”.

Celler La Vinyeta is one of the most dynamic wineries in the D.O. Empordà and it was no surprise that it won the National Wine Tourism Award last July.  The winery’s excellence is also reflected in the quality of its products. As a matter of fact, in the latest edition of the Catalonia Wine Guide, two of its so-called Microvins* wines scored the highest marks and were selected the best white and red wines in the Empordà region.