Xplore Girona

Activities, Outdoor activities

Carrer Anselm Clavé, 8 17001 Girona (El Gironès)

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At XploreGirona we offer team building activities for companies, through our Urban Escapes missions.
A new version of the traditional Escape Rooms taken outside, where your mission will no longer be to escape from a room, but you will have to solve mental, fun, and/or creative puzzles in order to find or to put out of danger an object that is hidden by the city.

We will help you increase the motivation of your workers, improve their communication and relationships. As well as increasing the trust and cooperation between your work team, which will allow you to analyze areas for improvement and correct them, and all this while playing and having the best time walking the streets and discovering the history of our city. Mental work, creativity, fun, and culture in one batch.