Awaken your inner dragon! Dragon Boat day on Banyoles Lake

Agenda Gestió Esportiva, SL

2-4 hours
Min. 11/ Max. 30
Starting from €30/pax

Strengthen cohesion among your employees with an outdoor activity that combines nature, sport, and values: the Dragon Boat! Dragon Boat is an ancient canoeing activity of Chinese origin, practised in boats decorated with a dragon’s head and tail and crewed by 10 to 20 rowers plus a skipper who marks the team’s rhythm (beating a drum) and a helm who steers the boat.

Dragon Boat fosters values such as team communication, coordination, unity and commitment, boosting competitive spirit and shared fun among all the members of the different participating groups of rowers.

We also offer teambuilding activities and collaborative games (on dry land) to round off the day’s events, encouraging trust, collaborative spirit, and motivation among the team that will improve the workplace atmosphere, boost creativity, and strengthen innovation.

We can even organise an entire event (festival type) for your company.

Come and try this unique and exciting experience that unites the participants from the minute they climb aboard the Dragon Boat! Dare to awaken your inner dragon!


  • Material: boat, oar, lifejacket
  • Training: theory session and practice on the Dragon Boat