Banyoles, the power of the dragon

Dragon Boat

Half day, 2 hours; full day, 6 hours
Min. 11/ Max. 300
Starting from €60

It is incredible to believe, but more and more people from Banyoles are certain they have seen the Banyoles dragon once more. Can it really be true?

The first activity is a small tour around the edge of the lake (visiting the neolithic village, Draga park and lake system) while trying to spot the mythical beast. The tour will be carried out in Kangoo Jumps boots, which are an exceptional and highly-recommended experience in themselves.

If you decide to go for the full-day option, then after lunch in the afternoon we will go to Club Natació Banyoles, where we will finally find the Banyoles dragons. In fact, the dragons will be waiting for us to accompany us on the Dragon Boat activity, ending with a competition between teams.


  • All the materials necessary so that the activities run smoothly: Kangoo Jumps boots, life jackets, changing rooms and showers, and t-shirts for the winners.
  • Lunch: different options to choose from