Cremat & Havaneres Various cremats and a havanera to bring everyone together

Humanside Experiences

1 h 30 min
Min. 12/ Max. 200
Starting from €40

We propose enjoying an ancestral Catalan tradition: drinking cremat (rum) and singing havaneres sea shanties. The activity begins by sharing out the material and ingredients to make the cremat drink and once they are all in the pans, the fire is lit. As the rum simmers, the participants have around twenty minutes to change the lyrics to a well-known havanera sea shanty. The words to this new version of the song should be linked with the goals of the meeting. And, just after tasting their cremats, the teams take turns singing their havaneres accompanied by musicians.

A fantastic evening to learn more about the local traditions in this region.


  • Sound equipment and live musicians
  • Ingredients to make the cremat