Hi bird!

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Humanside Experiences presents Hi bird! – a new group activity for businesses and institutions in which participants enjoy teamwork that has a real and positive impact on nature.

The aim is to build nesting boxes for birds and donate them to organisations that manage nature parks and protected spaces. The activity is organised in collaboration with these organisations.

Fun and rewarding

Before getting to work, a biologist from the beneficiary organisation explains the context of the natural space and the function of the nesting boxes the participants will be building.

The participants, divided into teams, receive the material, tools, protective gear and a plan with instructions for building the nesting box. There are several models of box, depending on the bird species.

The success of the activity is guaranteed. Firstly, the instructions are very easy to follow. In fact, they are similar to the assembly instructions provided by a well-known Swedish furniture brand. The wood is treated in order to make it durable and the kits have been designed to make the most efficient use of the materials.

The assembly tools are battery operated, so they can be used in the middle of nature or in a meeting room. Good coordination among the team does the rest, so that they can build the nesting boxes and achieve the best results.

Once the work is done, in addition to the satisfying feeling of working with one’s hands, the participants can also enjoy knowing that together they have made a positive contribution to the environment.

Events with greater commitment

Corporate and institutional clients are increasingly searching for activities they can offer their participants in the heart of nature and that have a real positive impact on society or the environment.

In Costa Brava Girona, more than a third of the territory is protected space. The number of establishments with sustainability certifications, the range of corporate social responsibility activities offered to groups and the leading role played by local produce in restaurants and hotels demonstrates the Girona MICE sector’s commitment to sustainability.