Incentives up in the mountains

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At an altitude of 2,000 metres, surrounded by mountains of up to 3,000 metres, the source of a multitude of springs and streams, the Valley of Núria has a natural wealth and unique scenery besides the ideal facilities to host incentive trips and corporate meetings in the right conditions for the current situation.

The best option is to go up on the rack railway, a singular means of transport that enables you to enjoy the stunning views along the 12.5 km journey at a leisurely pace, as it climbs to over a thousand metres.

Hotel Vall de Núria offers all the amenities and services that corporate groups could wish for. It has an auditorium with a capacity of 144 people and several meetings rooms.

The Vall de Núria ski and mountain resort has been awarded Q for Quality certification by the Institute of Tourist Quality. Its privileged setting and facilities open up a huge range of options for planning activity programmes for groups to bring participants into contact with nature and improve wellbeing.

The complex is managed by the Tourism and Mountain Department of the Catalan Autonomous Government Railways. All the activities are run in accordance with an environmental management system to ensure the conservation of the rich natural heritage.