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WELCOME TO Divertimento, an events agency devoted to the design of unique experiences that connect with people. We focus on innovation and creativity to transform ideas into extraordinary moments.

ALL IN ONE. We offer comprehensive services in the production of on-site, hybrid and online events. Divertimento is also conceptualization of the events, artistic production, audiovisual, design and decoration. We are an exclusive partner that meets all your demands.
WORK WITH THE BEST ONES. We offer an extensive portfolio of national and international talents. Acclaimed musicians, emerging artists, casters with 100k followers in Twitch… You just have to ask. Test us. You would be amazed to the great lengths We have gone’.

GLOBAL. We have worked for companies all over the world, with local clients, institutions and private individuals. In Divertimento everyone is welcome. It does not matter where you come from. It matters where you want to go.