Costa Brava iPad Duathlon

Humanside Experiences

2 - 3 hours
Year-round. Recommended April - October
Min. 12 / Max. 60
Starting from €80 / pers.

We offer a game to help you explore the Costa Brava’s coastline from two different complementary perspectives: the land and the sea. An iPad treasure hunt will enable each team to discover the coastal paths and tracks and, alternatively, they can move on a giant paddle surf or by kayak to find the different tests in places of interest by using geotracking. The teams will have the chance to enjoy a genuine hiking experience in an area of great natural beauty as well as to gain an unusual, very attractive perspective of the coastline viewed from the sea.


»  The equipment required to carry out the activity: iPad, big paddle surfboards or kayaks, life jackets, watertight bags and wetsuits (if required).
»  Visits connected with the area where the activity takes place
»  Tasting sessions (on request).