European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis) population monitoring Emys

2-4 hours
Spring (April-May) and autumn (October- November)
Min. 5 / Max. 25
Starting from €75 / pers.

The Emys Foundation was created under the name ADEPAR in 1987 to protect the European pond turtle and its wetland habitat.

Since then, we have been monitoring the European pond turtle population, making this the longest continuous monitoring program on the Iberian Peninsula, with a duration of 35 years and counting.

Although this is one of our fundamental projects and a pillar of our organisation, we do not receive any funding for it and every year we rely on financial assistance to be able to continue our work with the utmost guarantees.

We offer an activity that allows participants to gain first-hand experience in pond turtle monitoring, together with the purchase and construction of materials to be able to carry out this task.

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