Turisme Garrotxa

6 hours
Min. 8/ Max. 30
Starting from €50/pax

Gastrovolcans is the ideal way to discover the products and producers of the Garrotxa, an area brimming with Michelin-starred chefs and restaurants serving Cuina Volcànica, or Volcanic Cuisine.

This specially-tailored experience will take you to Olot town centre and Plaça Mercat, which is packed with shops and stalls selling locally-produced charcuterie, meat, vegetables and ratafia, to name just a few items.

Then, in Plaça Mercat itself, you have the choice of two options.

Option A: take part in a workshop to learn how to prepare the products and have the chance to taste them as you listen to a local chef’s explanations.

Option B: have lunch at the market’s restaurant, which solely uses produce from the market stalls.



  • Option A: a visit to Olot’s Plaça Mercat; A workshop-lunch with a tasting session of products sold at the Plaça Mercat.
  • Option B: a visit to the most emblematic local produce shops in the centre of the city of Olot; a visit to Olot’s Plaça Mercat; a lunch based on local produce at the Plaça Mercat restaurant.
Plaça mercat Gastrovolcans