Hi-Bird Building nest boxes for birds

2-3 hours
Min. 12 / Max. 100
Starting from €30 / pers.

As there are increasingly fewer farmers working in this region we have lost many natural bird habitats over the years which are very important within our ecosystem. We propose building refuges and nest boxes for birds to help regain each species in the specific zones recommended by experts. The system of work is in teams, reusing a plank of treated wood. Following very simple instructions the team will measure, cut, drill and screw together the pieces of wood to construct the different parts of these new bird boxes in different sizes for insectivores or raptors, mainly.

If there is enough time, a second event can be added to distribute and install the nest boxes in a specific area following the expert’s instructions regarding location, orientation, and height.


Organisations that receive the social benefit of this activity:
  • Natural parks.
  • Environmental protection consortiums.
  • Ecosystem management organisations.
To which SDGs does it contribute: