Photochallenge: Dive into the Medes islands


3 hours
From May to September
Min. 8/ Max. 50
Starting from €30/pax

Snorkelling involves swimming underwater with a snorkel and diving goggles. At the same time as having fun snorkelling, you’ll also take part in an underwater photography competition.

You will have the chance to photograph the Costa Brava’s underwater landscapes and wildlife. There are two prizes: one for the best underwater landscape and the other for the best detailed photo.

The competition aims to hone your senses and help you discover a different environment where every little detail counts.


  • 1 wetsuit per person.
  • Explanatory video about the marine reserve and snorkelling.
  • Short lesson on mobile photography techniques.
  • The prizes for the competition winners (local products on L’Estartit and the natural park).


+34 972 752 043