Pritzker Prize Winner amidst Volcanoes

Fil Mediterranean Travel Designers

3-4 hours
10 min./25 max.
Starting from €109 / pers.

Girona’s inland regions are brimming with genius and innovation in terms not only of gastronomy but also of art and architecture. In 2017, RCR Arquitectes, Pigem, Aranda and Vilalta’s studio was awarded the Pritzker Prize, considered the Nobel Prize of architecture. Fil Mediterranean has created experiences to enable visitors to enter their “Universe of Shared Creativity”, in the midst of a volcanic landscape, through a visit to the studio, a natural wine tasting session in the Pavilion of Dreams and lunch at one of their works in the heart of the countryside: two Michelin- starred restaurant serving local cuisine.


»  A visit to the architects’studio.
»  Natural wine tasting session in the Pavilion of Dreams.
»  A typical picnic lunch in a natural space designed by RCR.