Sand traps. Restoring the dune system in the bay of L’Estartit-Pals

2-3 hours
12 min. / 80 max.
From 35 €/pax

Project to restore the dune ridge in the bay of L’Estartit-Pals to recover a protected habitat that is home to endemic species. The aim is to restore the ecosystem functionality following the loss of sand outside the beach-dune system and, by doing so, protect the natural beaches as a fundamental asset of the Baix Ter – Montgrí Natural Park. Together with the natural park’s rangers, this activity mainly involves creating sand traps that need to be rebuild in different zones of the Ter river gorge. Participants dig 70cm deep trenches in 5 metre sections, hammer in fixing stakes and attach the cane fencing to this structure before filling in the rest of the trench. Thanks to these structures, during storms sand is blown into the traps, but cannot drift out again, thereby establishing the dune system.



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