The Grape Harvest Festival

Celler La Vinyeta

2 hours
From 20 August to 10 October
Min. 15/ Max. 50
Starting from €45

The fascinating world of wine has always been surrounded by magic. At La Vinyeta winery we offer you the chance to be part of the wine-making process through two activities: the Grape Harvest Festival and the activity “Oenologist for a day”.

After many long, arduous months caring lovingly for the vineyard, the long-awaited moment of the harvest arrives.

It is a joyful occasion. The grape is ripe and there is no time to lose: the harvest must begin. Now you too have the opportunity to experience the Grape Harvest Festival with the team at the Vinyeta winery.

You will harvest the grapes by hand, in the midst of the sights and smells of the vineyard. You will then transport them carefully to the winery, where you will crush them underfoot, the traditional method used since time immemorial.

This effort will receive a well-deserved reward with a country breakfast among the grapevines. Finally, you will use a traditional press to release the must that the gods will turn into wine.


  • Traditional grape harvest
  • Grape stomping
  • Tasting the first must
  • Explanation of the artisanal processes
  • Guided tour through the winery
  • Wine and olive oil tasting


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