The Grape Harvest Festival

La Vinyeta

2 hours
From 20 August to 10 October
Min. 15/ Max. 50
Starting from €45/pax

The fascinating world of wine has always been surrounded by an aura of magic.

At La Vinyeta winery we’d like to offer you the chance to take part in the wine-making process through two activities: the Grape Har-vest Festival and the activity “Wine Expert for a Day”.

After the long, painstaking months of lovingly tending the vines, it is time to pick the grapes at last. It is a joyful occasion. The grapes are ripe and there is no time to lose: we must get cracking with the harvest.

We’ll pick the grapes by hand, surrounded by the aromas given off by the vines. Then we will transport them carefully to the winery, where we will tread them barefoot just as has been done since ancient times. All this work will be amply rewarded by a hearty breakfast in the vineyard. To finish off the process, we’ll use a traditional wine press to obtain the must that the gods will then turn into delicious wine.


  • Traditional grape harvest.
  • Tasting of must.
  • A guided tour of the winery.
  • A wine and oil tasting session.


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