Hot air balloon flight – Volcano Challenge

Nit i Vol - Agència receptiva

5 hours
Min. 10/ Max. 150
Starting from €160

Hot air balloon flights are a model for management and personal development. They are a metaphor for life: in the same way that hot air balloons can change their altitude to find better air currents, altering their flight direction, so too can people change their professional and personal lives.

The Volcano Challenge is an experience designed for company employees who want to experience an extraordinary team building adventure.

This team competition is conducted from the air, and participants must complete a series of challenges both before, during and after the flight. Combining a standard hot air balloon flight with competitive hot air ballooning is a great adventure that offers a new and exciting way to encourage teamwork.

The activity combines decision-making, leadership and teamwork with the excitement and adventure of a hot air balloon ride over a stunning landscape, flying over the Garrotxa Volcanic Area Natural Park.


  • Coffee and pastry before the flight
  • Activity briefing
  • Hot air balloon flight lasting one and a half hours
  • Cava and traditional pork scratching cake during the flight
  • Transport from the landing point to the facilities in 4×4 vehicles
  • Country breakfast
  • Flight certificate