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The unique geographical features of the Costa Brava and the Girona Pyrenees make it possible to enjoy a wide range of activities here. This great potential has led to the presence of a large number of companies that attract visitors thanks to the genuine character of the area.

Aware that the business tourism sector is increasingly seeking differentiation, exclusivity, and emotional connection when choosing activities to include in incentive programs, we wanted to capture the authentic nature of the Costa Brava and the Girona Pyrenees in this selection of experiences.

What’s more, knowing that small actions can make a big difference, we also present Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) experiences linked with socially responsible local projects and organisations that adhere to the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.


Experiences that stand out for their connection with the landscape, culture, gastronomy, history and social responsability.

Genuine Corporate Experiences

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