Ciutat Esportiva de Blanes

Unique Spaces

C. Mas Cuni, 43 17300 Blanes (La Selva)

+34 972 352 322


Blanes Sports Centre is a first-class, municipal sports installation. It is strategically located at the gateway to the Costa Brava and has multipurpose spaces able to cater for all sorts of events. These range from artistic, social, corporate, cultural, academic, scientific and fashion events to music concerts, theatre festivals, congresses, conventions, trade fairs, exhibitions, workshops and publicity presentations. It can also be used as a film and television studio. With a total surface area of 4,100 m2, it holds 1,300 people in the stands and 14,500 on the sports floor.

Meeting Rooms

Pista Verda4100124414500Yes
Sala Premsa903955Yes