Molecular Appetizers Spherified local gastronomy

Humanside Experiences

2-3 hours
Min. 12 / Max. 60
Starting from €45 / pers.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to take part in a team building experience involving one of the latest techniques in gastronomy, which enables the chef to transform liquids into jellied spheres so as to give guests new textural sensations. The group is divided up into small teams and each one creates spherifications of a typical local appetiser for all the participants to taste at the end of the activity. Proposals for spherified appetisers include: watermelon gazpacho with goat’s cheese; green olives with anchovies from L’Escala; homemade vermouth with orange; Catalan tomato bread; melon with ham; cod brandade with black olives.


» All the ingredients to prepare the appetisers.
» Spherification kit.
» A professional chef to supervise/facilitate the activity.
» Visits connected with the area where the activity takes place (on request).