Girona Food Tours: discover Girona cuisine

Girona food tours

4 hours
Year-round, from Tuesday to Saturday
Min. 4/ Max. 12
Starting from €69

Girona Food Tours is a company that specialises in tourism experiences and local food and drink. We want to share the charms of Girona and the history of the Catalan culinary tradition to everyone who visits. And, above all, we want to share the cuisine on offer: wine, cava, traditional recipes, sausages, sweets and many other delicacies from the region.

We offer services tailored to your group:

  • Special activities
  • Restaurants, themed breakfasts, picnics and gala dinners
  • Customised travel programmes
  • Itineraries and travel brochures for visitors
  • Special touches, surprises and gifts



  • Guided tour
  • Tasting menu
  • Informative brochures