New sensations in River Osor, discovering canoeing

Aventura Girona

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The River Osor is the widest water course in Les Guilleries, flowing through the towns of Sant Hilari Sacalm, Anglès and Osor before ending up in the River Ter.

This canyon is great fun and not very difficult. You’ll enjoy the remote, unspoilt setting in the heart of Les Guilleries massif, as you jump from different heights and have a go at abseiling. This activity is suitable for all ages and is ideal for groups of colleagues or friends.


» UIAA-approved safety equipment and gear.
» Qualified guide.
» Photographic report.
» Accident insurance.
» Drinks at the end of the activity.

Group of 2-3:€60/ pers.
Group of 4-10: €45/ pers.
Group of 11 – 20: €40 / pers.
Group of 20+: €35 / pers.