Learning about Girona

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Over 100 students from the Stenden University of Applied Sciences took advantage of their field trip to Girona to get to know the city a different way through an activity provided by Girona Food Tours.

The programme was focused on boosting teamwork as the group explored the centre of the city with the Games of Girona treasure hunt.

The students were divided into two groups and had to overcome obstacles and pass tests that led them to discover the most emblematic places in the medieval quarter, the city’s icons and its most representative food and drink products.

By the end of the activity, everybody knew how to make Catalan tomato bread, how to locate the Peixateries Velles bridge and where to kiss the lioness to make sure of coming back to Girona one day, as legend will have it.

Girona Food Tours uses gourmet experiences to help new arrivals get a feel for the city’s true heartbeat.

Games of Girona in images