Tela Marinera, prawns and television

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A team from the TV show Wünderschön (Fascinating Places), which airs on the German channel WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk), got on board to experience the Tast de mar i gambes (Taste of the sea and prawns) activity that Tela Marinera –a member of the Costa Brava Girona Convention Bureau– offers throughout the month of July.

The crew, who spent two weeks filming in the region, jumped on the opportunity to discover the Costa Brava aboard the Rafael, a traditional fishing boat that Tela Marinera has restored in order to offer authentic experiences that incorporate the Costa Brava’s traditional sailing techniques, cuisine and culture.

The camera never stopped rolling: the boats arriving at the Palamós marina, the unloading of the fish, the stop at the market to buy prawns and the crew’s work aboard the ship were all caught on tape.

The group particularly enjoyed tasting the prawns as well as the Costa Brava’s quality of life and stunning scenery

The programme, watched by 400,000 to 1,000,000 viewers, airs on WDR on 18 September.