Events in the heart of Girona

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Located in Girona’s historic quarter, Ultonia and Gran Ultònia Hotels present an interesting choice for organising all kinds of business events in rooms of different sizes, complemented by two impressive terraces with views over the old town.

The recently renovated Baluard room is one of the highlights of Ultonia and Gran Ultonia Hotels’ offer. With capacity for 300 people in theatre format, this multipurpose space is designed to meet the needs of companies and organisations looking for a modern and well-equipped venue to hold meetings and events.

The hotels’ two terraces, on the fourth and fifth floors, make a very special addition to any event. From here, you can admire the magical sunset over the city of Girona and unique views over the historic quarter, against the backdrop of the cathedral illuminated by the suns final rays. These terraces offer a very lively atmosphere for coffee breaks, buffet business meals, after-work events or simply relaxing in the company of your team after an intense day of work while enjoying Ultonia’s signature cocktails. In addition, cocktail workshops can be organised for groups as an original teambuilding activity, ideal for generating a fun and cohesive atmosphere.

Their perfect location, versatile rooms and stunning terraces allow Ultonia and Gran Ultonia Hotels to offer a unique experience for everyone taking part in executive meetings, conferences, product presentations or special celebrations.