Rice Casserole Challenge

Humanside Experiences

2-3 hours
Min. 12 / Max. 150
Starting from €55 / pers.

This experience aims to introduce visitors to the world of Girona’s local everyday cuisine through one of its most traditional and varied dishes, rice dishes. The culture of throwing together the ingredients on hand, including fresh produce from the vegetable garden, meat from the animals raised in the back yard and the odd bit of fish or seafood gave rise to the “Sea and Turf” style of dishes. Participants are divided into teams and, with the aid of our chefs, will take part in a competition to make the superlative rice casserole, the province of Girona’s most typical rice dish. This will give them the chance to try out their flair for combining different ingredients creatively.


  • All the ingredients for making the rice dish (vegetables, farm-raised meat and different types of fish and seafood).
  • Cooking equipment, cooking utensils, a professional chef to supervise and facilitate the activity.
  • Visits connected with the area where the activity takes place (on request).
  • Starters, dessert and drinks (on request, so as to replace a meal).
Arròs a la cassola