Girona at the Associations World Congress & Expo

Categories: Activities of the Costa Brava Girona CB and MICE news.
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The Costa Brava Girona Convention Bureau took part in the Associations World Congress & Expo 2019 in Göteborg (Sweden) in early April, together with the Girona City & Congress Centre. At the event, representatives from scientific, medical, business and other associations debated the various challenges in managing these associations. During the congress, we were able to meet a score of associations, which resulted in two requests to send proposals for a medical congress and a training course.

The various international associations that visited our stand showed interest in finding out about alternative venues to the large European cities, offering more competitive prices for organising small to medium-format seminars, congresses, conferences and training events. We also aroused interest in the Costa Brava Girona destination among large international associations that were looking for destinations outside the European capital cities to hold satellite events, such as Board Meetings or training courses.

The sessions, debates, workshops and talks on the associations’ event and congress organisation were a magnificent opportunity to network with their representatives and gain first-hand knowledge of their needs, requirements and objectives.