Glamping at La Farinera

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To celebrate its 20th anniversary, a technology company based in Barcelona hired Marca Condal to organise its annual convention. The resulting thematic and immersive glamping experience named ‘Into the Wild’ revolved around the concept of the Spanish film The Tribe.

Farinera de Sant Lluís provided the perfect location for turning this idea into a reality, as it offers all the necessary elements. The 130-hectare property has different outdoor spaces full of charm, such as gardens, a lake with a jetty, a swimming pool, wooded areas, as well as fully equipped and connected meeting rooms inside the industrial Catalan art nouveau building.


In order to offer all the accommodation services for the 150 participants for two days and two nights, and host the programme’s activities, five separate zones were set up:

The glamping zone was created in the woods, with fifty-five tents with colonial-style furnishings, offering guests every comfort: night tables, wardrobe, phone charging points, lights, and bathrooms and showers nearby.

The central zone contained the chill-out areas, open-air bar and loungers. The meals also had their own dedicated space where the participants were offered different types of buffets. The activity zone was equipped with material for enjoying various sports and there was also a party zone with a specially built stage.

Although the event was 100% outdoors, inside the La Farinera Catalan art nouveau building several rooms were provided as work spaces for anyone who needed to deal with work issues during the event. These rooms have fibre-optic internet connection and all the necessary equipment for holding meetings, training courses and working sessions.

The artists, organisers and technical team were close at hand during the entire event, as they were staying at the Masos houses, located on the La Farinera de Sant Lluís property.

Immersive event

All the activities and facilities were designed around the idea of a camping trip from the film The Tribe. The artistic part played a very important role when designing the meals and activities, such as the yoga classes, tribal dance, tattoos and the neon party.