Òpera Lloguers: commitment to sustainability

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Òpera Lloguers is a furniture rental company for events which, since 2002, has been dedicated to providing outstanding service.

In recent years, the company has made a firm commitment to sustainability in three key areas: environment, social and governance.

In the environmental area, the company has drastically reduced its distribution radius, going from sending its products to any part of the region to focusing on a radius of 60 kilometres around its showroom. In addition, it has implemented measures to reduce energy and water consumption, and encourages reuse and recycling.

In the social area, Òpera Lloguers is working to promote inclusion and diversity. It has developed a new website accessible to people with disabilities, and offers consulting services to help its clients organise more inclusive events.

In the area of governance, Ópera Rentals is transparent about its actions in terms of sustainability. The company publishes an annual sustainability report detailing its actions and results.

An advantage for event planners

Òpera Lloguers’ commitment to sustainability is an advantage for event planners. The company offers a wide range of sustainable products and services that can help planners organise events that are more environmentally and socially responsible.

The Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees destination has been working for some time on becoming increasingly sustainable. This commitment is also reflected in the MICE sector, which offers a wide range of sustainable products and services.

The number of establishments with sustainability certifications, the range of corporate social responsibility activities for groups and the prominence of local products in restaurants and hotels are some examples of this commitment.