Attendance at the 10th anniversary of Oh My Com

Categories: Activities of the Costa Brava Girona CB and MICE news.
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The Lyon-based communication and events agency Oh My Com invited us to celebrate its tenth anniversary at an act that brought together many of the agency’s clients, most of which are companies from Lyon and the surrounding area, as well as collaborators from the communication and events sector and different media.

The MICE options of the Costa Brava and the Girona Pyrenees were highly visible at the event, both through the visual elements in the room and on the meeting’s agenda. This included a presentation of the destination and an anchovy tasting workshop that proved a magnificent occasion to interact with guests.

In late September there are plans to provide continuity to the contacts made on a fam trip in collaboration with Oh My Com, which has identified the Costa Brava and the Girona Pyrenees as a high-potential destination for its major clients.