Remote Teambuilding made in Girona

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The Girona company Humanside Experiences has developed an online team-building series to transfer the benefits of face-to-face activities to teams working remotely.

In order to do the activities, the groups are divided into teams that can interact in private rooms to work on the tests set and then go on to share the answers with the whole group.

This format provides a means of carrying out activities to encourage team work and to share a moment of relaxation, while fostering cohesion, interaction and motivation within the group. 

The initiative comprises four options:

Virtual Team Challenge: a digital board game in which teams have to overcome entertaining challenges so as to move forward.

Getting to Know Each Other: networking dynamics for breaking the ice and getting to know the other collaborators in remote contexts.

Craft Beer Quiz: the sensory element enters the remote context with a contest in which participants compete in teams to taste and evaluate a selection of six craft beers.

Sitcom Fest: participants create and film a mini-series to show the difficulties and malpractices connected with online meetings in a humorous light.