The power of retreats for female entrepreneurs

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The Talent Path is organising its first retreat for women entrepreneurs and executives from Catalonia and Spain. The weekend retreat, being held on 20 and 21 October at Hotel Can Xiquet in Cantallops (Figueres), will include coaching and mastermind sessions, time-management workshops, yoga and mindfulness classes.

The number of women running their own businesses is increasing every year, and this group is gaining a great deal of strength in a social context of change in the working world. Women entrepreneurs have made a commitment to themselves, they have invested in their own projects, and they also share some common difficulties: the work-life balance, the risk of burn out and running their enterprises in a world in which business is still a male-dominated area.

This retreat for female entrepreneurs and executives seeks to offer these women a space where they can take a breather from their daily routines and establish their objectives for the following months and the strategies that will help them achieve these goals. It also provides tools that will enable them to calm any day-to-day stress, manage their time better and enjoy a more satisfying life. 

The mindfulness sessions, led by Mindfulkit, will help the attendees acquire the techniques they need to take maximum advantage of their resources and fully enjoy their working and family lives.

Networking is also an essential part of this retreat, where those attending will have the opportunity to meet new friends and colleagues they can share their concerns, problems and laughter with, thereby shaking off some of the isolation that women entrepreneurs can feel. To sum up, the aim is for attendees to be able to enjoy their work more, while also improving their performance and taking full advantage of a rich and rewarding personal life.