Virtual yes, but also participative

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Humanside Experiences, member of the CBGCB, was commissioned to manage and run some of the latest meetings of the Costa Brava Girona tourism sector. This Girona-based company designed and facilitated participative activities and networking to enable attendees to carry out the tasks planned for each event.

Teamwork to create a roadmap

The 2nd MICE Hybrid Conference was livestreamed from Palau de Congressos de Girona, the Girona Conference Centre.

Organised into groups meeting in different virtual rooms, the participants used various virtual teamworking and interaction tools to come up with their proposals and reach conclusions about the creation of a roadmap to respond to clients’ needs in the context of the current pandemic.

Sharing opportunities

Girona’s tourism sector meets up every year at the Interclubs event, organised by the Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board’s different product clubs.

Interactive questionnaires issued during the presentations, working groups meeting in different virtual rooms and the chance to conduct scheduled individual online interviews allowed the event to achieve its goal of bringing the sector’s professionals together to network and share knowledge and opportunities.