Seafood tasting session on a yacht

Tela Marinera

4 hours
Sea urchins from October to March; prawns available all year round
Min. 6/ Max. 36
Starting from €35

Based in the port of Palamós, we specialise in classic boats and sharing local maritime traditions. We offer an active sailing experience: our passengers all take part in the on board manoeuvres, while discovering a new way of sailing around one of the most iconic stretches of the Costa Brava.

On the vessel Rafael, built in 1915, and on the schooner Jolie Biche, we will sail to the Formigues islands and anchor at Castell beach to taste traditionally prepared sea urchins: freshly caught and enjoyed with bread, botifarra Catalan sausage and a good bottle of Empordà wine.

If it is the right time of year, we suggest trying some famous Palamós prawns, freshly-caught of course. First we will accompany passengers to the fish market; then we will set sail and, after anchoring, we will go for a swim (depending on the time of year). We will grill 150 grams of king prawns per person, on a bed of salt, accompanied by a white wine from the Empordà region.

Tela Marinera offers an unhurried sailing experience on classic, traditional boats, where the history of the sailors on board complements a landscape and culture that never fails to inspire.


  • Typical Catalan breakfast with cured meats and wine
  • Sea urchins or prawns


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