Six recommendations for planning an online event

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Professional event planners, whether they are part of a company marketing and communication department or work for an agency, have had to prepare themselves to adapt the necessary resources to the online environment. This has allowed them to continue offering training, presentations and other important events to help companies and institutions run smoothly.

After all these months, we have gathered a lot of information about the resources and methodologies that may help. Bearing in mind that this format has been incorporated into our MICE activities, now seems like a good time to run through some tips.

To help us with this, Carles Ruíz, director of Divertimento, has identified six fundamental aspects when organising an online event.

  1. Choose a trusted digital platform, preferably one you are familiar with.
  2. Ensure that this platform has tools for managing the event, from the planning stage through to subsequent analysis.
  3. It is also necessary in an online environment line to prepare a detailed structure and script beforehand.
  4. Improve your users’ viewing experience. Instead of showing a single camera angle throughout the event, add variety by filming with various webcams or smartphones and adding videos, graphics and presentations.
  5. Personalise the event as much as possible. Just as you would do in face-to-face settings, it is important to search for opportunities to allow the event’s personality to shine through with corporate graphics. Chats, polls and transition graphics are ideal resources for achieving this goal.
  6. Designate a person to coordinate the event before, during and afterwards.