Hot air ballooning over volcanoes

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The team at Vol de Coloms has adapted its balloon rides to Civil Aviation’s contingency plan in order to guarantee maximum safety for the unique experience of flying over the Garrotxa region’s volcanoes with a bird’s eye view.

Take-off from Vol de Coloms’ facilities is early in the morning so as to make the most of the stable atmospheric conditions at this time of day.

The facilities are located in the heart of the Garrotxa Volcanic Area Natural Park, near the Croscat volcano, and in addition to the airfield, there is also a parking area, toilets, a café and a restaurant.

The flight lasts between one and one-and-a-half-hours, and participants will have the chance to toast the experience with rosé cava and typical Olot coca de llardons, up in the sky with the Pyrenees in the background and the volcanoes at their feet.

A four-wheel-drive vehicle will take participants back to the Vol de Coloms base, where they can exchange impressions on the experience as they tuck into a meal of local produce from the Garrotxa region: charcuterie, Santa Pau beans, barbecued sausage, La Fageda desserts, wine and ratafia liqueur.