The most authentic Costa Brava Girona

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The new reality has made us rethink the way that we do things. It is an opportunity to concentrate on what really matters to us and to seek authenticity.

Each and every part of the Costa Brava & Girona Pyrenees has a personality of its own, shaped by the diversity of its setting and the genuine character of its people. The Costa Brava Girona’s range of MICE options is closely linked with this mosaic of landscape and people.

Genuine initiatives

Thanks to Tela Marinera’s determination to revive our nautical heritage, you can enjoy boating experiences on perfectly restored authentic traditional Catalan boats. The passenger crew takes part in the sailing manoeuvres at the same time as soaking up the Costa Brava’s stunning scenery.

Another example is La Vinyeta winery, a dynamic young family project which has branched out from its winemaking activity into sustainable incentive tourism and organises participatory activities connected with wine and local produce, many of which they produce themselves. The winery has received various awards for the quality of its wines. It also actively furthers the revival of traditional farming practices which favour the conservation of the ecosystem, such as transhumance and bee-keeping.

A tradition of service

The Costa Brava Girona hotel sector has a longstanding tradition, with establishments that date back to the early days of tourism in the region.

One such case is Hostal Spa Empúries, which was built at the beginning of the last century to accommodate the first archaeologists, led by the reputed art nouveau architect Puig i Cadafalch, who came to work on the Greek-Roman archaeological site of Empúries. Its current model of sustainable tourism and accommodation has led Hostal Spa Empúries to become the first hotel in Europe to earn LEED Gold certification.

For its part, Hostal de La Gavina, which was the ambitious project of a successful industrialist from Girona, opened in 1932 and soon gained a prestigious reputation both at home and abroad. The list of celebrities and personalities that have stayed there over the years is endless. Members of the fourth generation of the founding family are now in charge of Hostal de La Gavina, which boasts state-of-the-art leisure and meeting facilities, while at the same time maintaining its heritage and originality.

Authentic sensations

In a region where over 30% of the land is classified as Natural Protected Area it is not very difficult to find unpolluted, uncrowded places for holding genuine sustainable activities that are compatible with hygiene and social distancing measures.

The Costa Brava Girona’s genuine character has a lot to do with its history which dates back over a thousand years, during which several different cultures left their mark on the region. This rich heritage includes, for instance, the Greek-Roman settlement of Empúries, Romanesque and art nouveau architecture and the legacy of such artists as Salvador Dalí.

The region’s superb cuisine, based on locally-sourced seasonal produce, reflects the contrasts and diversity found in the region. It boasts eighteen Michelin stars distributed among fourteen restaurants, including El Celler de Can Roca, considered one of the best in the world.

A safe and competitive choice

The more than 140 tourist-sector companies and institutions that make up the Costa Brava Girona Convention Bureau are ready to continue their work with all the health and safety measures necessary to organise and host the events that will help you overcome the distance barrier and make the most of each occasion to network with your work colleagues, customers or professional colleagues.

Flexibility and excellent customer service, along with very attractive prices, make the Costa Brava Girona’s range of MICE options a competitive alternative to the big European cities.