Presentation of the destination to Catalonia’s Ambassadors

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Girona: “ambassadors” meeting point

The Catalonia Convention Bureau chose Espai Mas Marroch –one of the corporate members of the Costa Brava Girona Convention Bureau– to host Meet Ambassadors, the annual networking event for members of the Ambassadors Programme.

The session, which was held at Espai Mas Marroch of El Celler de Can Roca, provided a showcase for different convention bureaux from Catalonia to present what each region has to offer. The Costa Brava Girona Convention Bureau gave a joint presentation with local convention bureaux: Girona City CB & Congress Centre, Lloret CB and Reunions entre Volcans.

The gardens of Espai Mas Marroch were chosen as the site for a networking dynamic designed to boost contact and encourage synergies among the ambassadors and to introduce them to Catalonia’s different convention bureaux and the services and advice available there.

Ambassadors Programme

The Ambassadors of Catalonia Programme was established by the Catalan Tourist Board through Catalonia CB with a view to making Catalonia a benchmark for meetings, congresses and conventions and to strengthening Catalonia main economic sectors.   

The Costa Brava Girona Convention Bureau collaborates with the programme and offers the associated ambassadors advice and logistical support both for organising congresses in the Girona area and for the submission of candidatures.