Sustainable facilities for MICE activity

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Celler la Vinyeta, a sustainable family project that combines agriculture, the integrated production of organic products and wine-tourism and MICE among the vines activities, has launched a pioneering facility to control and treat the wastewater from its wine production.

The plant consists of an innovative combination of an initial anaerobic stage in which organic material decomposes naturally and a second stage involving reedbeds, a very efficient plant when it comes to the fixation of nutrients such as nitrogen.

Using this method, the winery has significantly improved the quality of the water obtained, allowing it to be reused for internal needs such as watering gardens and producing compost.

In 2017, Celler la Vinyeta won the National Wine-tourism Award and in 2018 was named the Best Winery in Catalonia by the Catalan Sommeliers Association. In recent years the winery has also participated in other pioneering initiatives in the world of sustainability, such as the REWINE project for reusing wine bottles.

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