Teambuilding among vineyards

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A group of around 90 people, including employees and family members from the company Josep’s Mobiliari d’Hostalric, participated in the harvest activity offered by Celler La Vinyeta. This company, which manufactures wooden furniture, decided to hold its annual meeting in the Empordà region and complement it with this experience.

A unique experience

The harvest is a very special time for wine lovers. It is the moment when the grapes are picked and turned into wine.

La Vinyeta, a family winery in Empordà, offers the possibility of experiencing this event up close and participating in the work of cutting the grapes and treading them, just as it was done in the old days.

The grapes are harvested from mid-August to the beginning of October. Every year La Vinyeta winery organises harvest activities for groups.

The harvest is a unique experience that connects you with nature and the wine production process. It is an opportunity to learn about the world of wine and spend a fun and unforgettable day.

Proposals from a sustainable family-run project.

La Vinyeta winery is a young and dynamic family-run project which, based on its winemaking activity, caters to sustainable incentive trip tourism. In addition, it promotes the revival of traditional agricultural practices that help preserve the ecosystem, such as transhumance or beekeeping.

La Vinyeta organises hands-on activities related to wine and the products of the land, many of which it produces itself. Visits, wine tastings, breakfasts, participatory cooking workshops, ham-cutting courses and active harvesting, among other activities, take place at the winery, located in a stunning location among vineyards and olive groves.